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Eunorau Cargo Trailer – 1 Wheel


For your next adventure into the wild, use this cart that is speci?cally designed for that. The EUNORAU fat tire trailer is able to access rougher terrain, plus narrower trails, and  follows closely to your bike, while having a low pro?le for more cargo weight.


Loading size:  26*16*12 inch / 67*40*31.5 cm

Capacity: 100 lb / 45 kg

Material: Steel  

Wheel: INNOVA 20*4 inch fat tire

Suspension: With the suspension

Weight: 36 lb / 16.5 kg

Accessories: 135mm and 190mm

*Due to the COVID-19, bike production is very busy than ever before, it’s hard to get the Shifting system tires on time, to avoid the sales stop, we may use different brands of shifting systems or Brands of the tire, please keep note.


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